hth wine and wood

Wine and wood are pleased to present high quality and aesthetically pleasing wood products including wine boxes, wine racks, and wine barrels.  These products will be great gifts for birthdays, weddings, gatherings, and anniversaries.  For whatever occasion that may be, the gift is super to be a smile on all customers.  In addition, we also carry cigarette containers, cosmetic boxes, watches and tea boxes, and gift boxes.

We partner up with Hoang Tan Hoa co. Ltd to provide to our customers with a modern product that showcases excellence, quality, and high satisfaction.  Since 2006, the company’s motto of “Prestige, Creativity, and quality” has kept the company competitive domestically and internationally.  With 200 skilled workforces, they work hard every day to provide products that are handcrafted to the finest of quality. 

Please take a look at our products and see why customers come back time after time.  We look forward to doing business with you.